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New Rhythm Co., Ltd. has established as a private company limited on 5th April 2023 with the aim of perfecting the performance of the business needs and requirements of all domestic and foreign entrepreneurs. New Rhythm Co., Ltd. will also offer the best standard services with timely for the domestic and foreign Organizations, Government Departments, Business Partnership Companies and the Clients. And we focus and promise to take responsibility and accountability to strongly operate with regardless of profit for all our staffs, customers, shareholders, social community and natural environment.


We may provide the business needs and requirements of all domestic and foreign entrepreneurs in accordance with their standards and providing timely complementary services. So our clients will be able to meet and exceed the budget of them with full power. Always looking for learning the new. Continue to generate new ideas; investigation, research the facts and be creative. We will strive with all our might until we surpass our milestone.


1. To fully support and provide the needs and requirements of customers; 2. To fully guarantee the quality of our supply 3. To be responsible for replenishment as soon as possible if more items that have expired warranty are needed 4. To be the great business and endure for centuries .

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